Open Veins (for Eduardo Galeano)

from by Ross Pollard



'There are those who believe that destiny rests on the knees of the gods; but the truth is that it confronts the conscience of man with a burning challenge.' - Eduardo Galeano


Odd corpses and carved bits of wood
Float to Europe on the West wind
Storms hurl ships into monster’s jaws
On route to their place of origin

Gold, silver, spices, and pearls
Encouraged conquistadors
To cross sinister seas
To extend God’s reign over earth and men

Open Veins, open veins, open veins

Lush trees of such beauty
An earthly paradise
The Garden of Eden resides here
The banana’s the forbidden fruit

Christ and slavery were imposed
On those who knew nothing of swords
Indigenous peoples beaten by terror
Terror, horses and bacteria

Open Veins, open veins, open veins

The sign of the cross on the hilt of the sword
A lust for riches and raw materials
The hacking of blades; the breathing of pestilence
Bred unequal development

Conquest brings joy
Lights up hearts
Fattens bodies
Satisfies desires

Open Veins, open veins, open veins


from Another World is Possible (Demos, March 2015), released June 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Ross Pollard Lincoln, UK

Punk-folk singer from Lincoln, UK. I'm 'the Real Deal' according to BBC 6 Music's Tom Robinson.

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